Barangaroo 1st Birthday Invite Mockup


Barangaroo Reserve is Sydney’s newest waterfront renewal program which, once completed in 2024, will be a public space encompassing walkways, parks, plazas and coves. It will be highly embedded within Sydney’s existing public transport services and will ultimately aim to be a new and exciting location for local and visiting families. The reserve celebrates bold statements of international design coupled with a professional and sustainable approach. The current aesthetic is simple and highly photographic with minimal use of graphic elements. I believe this appears outdated and moderately uninteresting for a space which is to be modern and exceptionally engaging.

For this reason, the aesthetic I have chosen uses a restricted colour palette of pastel mint hues and a contrasting sharp black on a clean surface. I believe this effectively communicates the fresh and ecological vibe intended by the NSW government through Barangaroo. The reserve also makes effort to compensate for it’s negative ecological implications of destruction to the natural environment by installing water tanks and reestablishing open park spaces. This has further informed my design decisions in considering a mildly environmental look through my chosen colour palette.

In creating a flyer for their First birthday, I have decided to use a fold which allows for a pamphlet style of presenting information. A simple cut in the centre of the original A3 page then allows the pamphlet to fold out into a poster, displaying a minimal and graphic design on the reverse.

I have chosen Didot as my main header font as it establishes a professional yet elegant aesthetic. Body copy printed in Avenir Book presents information clearly and does not overcomplicate the design. Furthermore, I have acted strongly on angles of 35 degrees, presenting both text and graphic elements playing on this aesthetic. I believe this adds an element of interest and sense of cohesion to my simple design. This, in conjunction with my bold number graphic on the first spread within the pamphlet further mocks the idea of modern architecture.

My decision of using a 100GSM textured cream stock was made based on test prints on 100GSM white silk coated stock which appeared too simple and did not complement the design.


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