Best Brews Coffee Co.

Best Brews —
Flavour Fusion Series 2016 Rationale

Best Brews is a traditional coffee bean roasting company with a modern twist. Their goal is to rejuvenate a classic product, infusing it with a fresh and interesting concept. The flavour fusion series brings together unsuspecting flavours into a blend made for those who like their coffee with a hit of something else. For this reason, the branding around the collection aims to stand apart from the classic coffee aesthetic and experiment with colour as a visual metaphor for flavour.

The packaging design is very simple and functional and attempts to appear traditional whilst challenging the existing constraints. The simplicity allows the visual branding to truly have an impact on the audience whilst not overcomplicating the overall appearance.

The brand identity has been stripped back from earlier designs to a simple typographic composition which uses two contrasting typefaces. The lightweight script has been juxtaposed by the heavier san-serif modular font ultimately reflecting the varying elements present within the coffee itself. A robust and traditional roast with elegant notes of fresh flavours.

The most prevalent element of the packaging design is the bright imagery, a marbled effect of colour hues which correspond to the listed flavour. This imagery has been hand generated by carefully adding food colouring to milk and swirling into patterns. This method furthers the idea of flavour fusion as the colour appears to be infused into the blank background. The use of milk as a solvent in this process contributes to this metaphorical expression as flavour is embodied and ultimately brought to life.

In addition to this, there is a consistency present within the typography used, presenting other information such as brewing instructions and the company website. This is done to avoid overcomplicating the design, keeping it clean and minimal.

Accompanying this text, are small vector illustrations of the flavours. These has been included to separate text and give the design another element of depth. Moreover, Iconography style images have also been used with the brewing instructions for easy accessibility to information, resulting in premium functionality.




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